Films to mark time

An ongoing series of long-form digital films exploring our relationship to our everyday, material environment, with a focus upon the intersection of human, geological and industrial timescales. The films are made through spending time with, and working alongside particular individuals and communities.

Completed films are Bristlecone (2007), a film about the community who live alongside the oldest trees in the world, Great Northern (2011), a journey to the Arctic Circle, and The Year Going (2011), a compressed observation of clockmaker Johan ten Hoeve as a completed his masterwork, a replica of the 17th century year-going Thomas Tompion clock for the Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

Two new film projects are in development, The Waulk Chronicles, a film made in collaboration with The Waulking Choir, Greenock, Glasgow and Bowland, a portrait of a household living above a fracking well. The Waulk Chronicles is supported by a Creative Lab residency at CCA Glasgow.