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Migrating art: Re-imagining landscapes to promote wellbeing for refugee populations

  The research was undertaken in the UK in the North West of England with pre and post-natal women refugees who are victims of rape, trafficking, sexual violence, domestic servitude, and other forms of gender based violence and human rights abuses. The research is concerned with painting landscape, through re-imagining …

07 Feb 2017 in Mobilities & Project

Painting place: re-imagining landscapes for older people’s subjective wellbeing

ABSTRACT This study provides insights into how a participatory painting activity impacts older people’s subjective wellbeing. The study uses qualitative methods to analyze the findings, and employs qualitative data collection methods to examine how creativity conducted in an environment of relational connectivity is beneficial to wellbeing. The findings demonstrate that processes …

20 May 2016 in Article

Hidden Identities: Concealed Dangers, Visual Art and Making Trans Health and Wellbeing Issues Visible

Hidden Identities: Concealed Dangers is a conference paper presented at The Image Conference 29th 30th October 2014 at Freie Universitat Berlin. The paper will be submitted to the International Journal of the Image for peer review following the conference. The paper proposes that trans people’s experience of discrimination and their engagement …

20 Oct 2014 in Article