Li Yuping

Specialist areas

  • Landscape Painting and Cross-culture Study
  • Space, Perspective and Concept of time in Painting
  • Emptiness in Landscape Painting
  • Painting Materials



My PhD study attempts to develop and create new form and style of contemporary landscape painting through a cross-cultural exploration and practice-based research.  It attempts to critically investigate the genre of landscape painting, and some of its specific theoretical concepts, practical methods and materials language between ancient China and modern and contemporary West, with a focus on how to think and use the ancient methodologies to make today's contribution. 

This study argues some specific Chinese art theories, philosophy ideas and methodologies of painting and calligraphy can be well applied and fused into contemporary landscape painting practice, as a result to challenge our conventional understanding about pictorial space, perspective, concept of time in painting, etc. and so to expand existing artistic formats. 

This study is not only a cultural and regional exploration crossing and referencing between Eastern and Western art, but also a methodological compromise from the ancient to the contemporary art, which might bring this research a little bit different. 


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Eternity — Exhibition — Li Yuping

   Opening times: Thursday 8th, Friday 9th, and Monday 12th September (1.30 – 4.30 pm) Closed from 13th to 16th  September for Viva Opening Event: Friday 16th September 5.30 – 8 pm (All are Welcome)   This exhibition Eternity is part of a practice-based Ph. D. study that investigates the genre of landscape painting …

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