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Documentation Art Show & Workshop

Pop-Up Art Exhibition and Workshop: Documentation Art of Korean Painting   LICA PhD student Young will have a Documentation Art Show and Workshop …


Icelandic Soundscape Recording

Icelandic Soundscape Recording Myself and a group of researchers in the field of soundscape studies, acoustic ecology, sound art and documentary sound recording, …


Captured in Motion

This informal workshop is designed to share and play with new equipment for mobile research, bought with a Lancaster University capital equipment bid. …


Microbes as Material

Exploring Artistic Practice using Microbiological Systems Workshop, Lancaster University, 25th & 26th March, 2015 The Biomedical and Life Sciences (BLS) Division at Lancaster University …


Spatial Audio Workshop 2015

This workshop explores how to spatialise audio for different mediated environments, from surround sound films to game spaces, acoustic design for architecture …