Spatial Audio Workshop 2015

Spatial Audio Workshop with Tony Doyle
This workshop explores how to spatialise audio for different mediated environments, from surround sound films to game spaces, acoustic design for architecture to soundscape compositions. 

During the workshop you will learn some theory behind spatial audio, see it in action and participate in the construction of a spatialised soundscape composition using an 8 speaker array. This is a very exciting workshop given by an emerging researcher in the field of spatial composition.  After the workshop some participants will also be asked to participate in a listening test.  This test will explore how different sounds change when they are placed in a variety of acoustic environments.

Because of the kinds of technology required to run the workshop the number of places are limited. 

The workshop will be delivered from 10–12 in LICA 10, the sound room, on the 4th and 5th of February, participants will select one of the two days to attend.

Please email Linda O Keeffe if you wish to attend,