Insight Sensory Arts and Design Panel Discussions

Insight Sensory Arts and Design
Panel Discussions

LICA’s new creative Research Centre Insight hosts this series of panel discussions on the subject of the Senses in Art and Design. The events form part of the development of a Bloomsbury book project, edited by Dr. Ian Heywood with chapters by researchers from Lancaster University, Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, and Concordia University, Montreal. All are welcome.
Wednesday 18th March
3.00−4.00 Bowland North SR10
Beth Harland
‘Art Spectatorship and the Senses: an eye
movement analysis exploring the experience
of viewing paintings and reproductions’
Alan Marsden and Richard Leadbeater
‘Music: Seeing and feeling with the ears’
Andrew Quick
‘Empires of the Senses: The politics of the
immersive world in contemporary art’
Wednesday 20th May
3.00−4.00 Peter Scott Gallery
Sarah Casey and Gerry Davies
‘Piercing the Darkness: Drawing, Sensing,
Sighting, Sounding’
Paul Coulton
‘Sensing Atoms and Bits’
Pip Dickens
‘Ritual, Repetition and Rhythm: Sensory, material
and bodily practices in the art studio’
Wednesday 15th April
3.00−400 Bowland North SR10
Nick Dunn
‘Shadowplay: Liberation and exhilaration in
cities at night’
Naomi Jacobs
‘Can We Give Ourselves Extra Senses?’
Linda O’Keefe
‘Sonifying Memory: Creative approaches to
representing socially constructed soundscapes’
Wednesday 17th June
3.00−4.00 LICA C01 Design Studio
Jonny Huck
‘Sensory and Extra-Sensory Perception of Place’
Emmanuel Tslekleves
’Playful Audio-Tactile Experiences in the Park’