Captured in Motion

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This informal workshop is designed to share and play with new equipment for mobile research, bought with a Lancaster University capital equipment bid.  We have new GoPro cameras and a range of apps and in the mobilities.lab and we know some of you have done really interesting work in this area. The idea is to teach each other across different disciplines how to use old and new technologies and document this in a way that can be shared more widely within the University. We’d like to produce short ‘instructables’ for different methods and bits of kit. In the summer we will have an open session (probably at the Sociology Summer Conference where we invite anyone interested in extending this research and share the resource of the mobilities.lab more widely.

The theme ‘Captured in motion’ is meant to provide a focus and could include anything from capturing the movement of molecules through go-along interviews with people to a study of airtraffic contrails. We are interested in discovering how you use your equipment and/or how you would like to use the mobilities.lab equipment, and are open to any interpretations or explorations of this theme.

This workshop is part of The Mobslab Experiment, a year long project from the mobilities.lab   experimenting with mobile and creative research methods.

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