Insight Film Club

Insight Film Club is a social discussion event for staff and postgraduate students. Each film has been chosen by a member of Insight and will be introduced by them, followed by a screening of the film, then a discussion with refreshments provide.

Season 2 Schedule:

21.10.15 (LICA A27) Charulata or The Lonely Wife, directed by Satyajit Ray. Introduced by Dr. Alan Marsden. 5.15–8pm

2.12.15 (LICA A27) The Five Obstructions, directed by Lars Von Trier. Introduced by Prof Beth Harland. 5.15–8pm

10.2.16 (LICA A27) Point Break, directed by Kathryn Bigelow. Introduced by Dr. Ian Heywood. 5.15–8pm

17.2.16 (Peter Scott Gallery) Good Vibrations, directed by directed by Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn. Introduced by Dr. Paula Blair. 5.15–8pm

27.4.16 (LU Cinema) KJ: Music and Life directed by King-wai Cheung. Introduced by Dr. Garry Bettinson. 5.15–8pm

Season 1 Schedule:

Wed 22 April – Fylde Lecture 1 – 5.15–8pm. Film: Lola Montez. Intro Richard Rushton

Wed. 6 May – Take 2 Cinema (Bowland Lecture Theatre) — 5.15–8pm. Film: Angela. Intro Linda O’Keeffe

Wed. 27 May — Fylde Lecture 1 – 5.15–8pm. Film: Wisconsin Death Trip. Intro Pip Dickens

Wed. 3 June — Take 2 Cinema (Bowland Lecture Theatre) — 5.15–8pm. Film: Performance. Intro Bruce Bennett