Audio-Symbolic Music Similarity

Audio and score representations of extracts from Beethoven's 'An die ferne Geliebte'

ASyMMuS (“An Integrated Audio-Symbolic Model of Music Similarity”) is an AHRC project funded under the Amplification Awards call of the Digital Transformations in the Arts and Humanities Theme. This project aims to apply the newly developed technological infrastructure from the DML project, to answer the musicological questions of what constitutes and contributes to similarity of music. The £77k project (AH/M002454/1) is being carried out collaboratively between the Music Informatics Research Group (Tillman Weyde (PI), Daniel Wolff, Emmanouil Benetos) at City University London, the Department of Computer Science (Nicolas Gold and Samer Abdallah) at University College London, and LICA (Alan Marsden) at Lancaster University. The project will build on previous work which relates ‘audio features’ of items (tending to emphasise similarities of timbre) and work which relates sequences of symbols (tending to emphasise similarities of melody).