Art and Science in Collaboration’ AHRC workshop

Sarah Casey ( LICA Lancaster University) will present a case study of the AHRC funded project Dark Matters : Interrogating Thresholds of Imperceptibility at the AHRC workshop  ‘Art and Science in Collaboration’ , Hosted by Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS), University of Birmingham.

The workshop is convened by  Professor Bill Chaplin, Professor of Astrophysics, Birmingham and  Professor Geoffrey Crossick,University of London and Director AHRC Cultural Value Project; and Professor Barry Smith, Director Institute ofPhilosophy, University of London and Leadership Fellow AHRC Science in Culture Theme

Aims and Objectives of the Workshop:

The workshop will explore collaborations between artists and scientists, with an emphasis on how collaborations can influence actual practice in each of the respective disciplines. The key issues that we will explore are:

1. How do arts-science collaborations actually work? What points of reference are shared by the creative processes involved in making arts and science, and how can collaboration lead to new ways of thinking in each discipline?

2. What are the processes that shape how arts-science collaborations are initiated and fostered, and what is needed to ensure they develop and prosper?

3. What environmental, institutional and social/cultural barriers are there to such collaborations?