Spaces of Sound and Radio Spaces

This exhibition stems from research undertaken during my PhD, which explored historical soundscape narratives by a group of older people from Dublin’s inner city. The work centres on the importance of music and audio technologies, and their importance in Ireland, during the 1950s-1970s, in shaping spatial and sonic experiences for urban teenagers.

Recent publications on the urban past, that is, prior to the twentieth century, have examined how urban spaces; cities and towns have evolved physically, geographically and socially. The key studies have however, focused on the physical, examining changes in construction, development and industry; the landscape. Ecological alongside environmental studies have focused on how these physical transformations have impacted on the environment, both the urban and rural landscape. This focus on the physicality of space ignores the phenomenological and ephemeral use of space. Space becomes defined as pathways and trajectories in which one encounters objects; a predominantly visible world. It also ignores the sonic trajectories, immersive experiences and even physical impact of sound within space. The ubiquitous nature of sound and the fact that it is invisible makes it easy to ignore, it only comes under scrutiny when it becomes too loud to ignore, or too quiet for comfort. For more on my art practice please see my website,

Okeeffe image 1
Linda O’Keeffe, Solo Exhibition, November 14th 2014 at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Manorhamilton, North County Leitrim.

CD release/launch

Solo works of sound will be released by Farpoint Recordings in February 2015

This compilation album is a response to the solo exhibition, ‘Radio Silence’, it is the second solo album launched by Farpoint of my work.