Racial justice and the politics (political aesthetics) of black American cultural and artistic production

Uptight posterAs part of this undertaking, I am looking backward to the overlooked militant political films of the 1970s “Blaxploitation” cycle—contributing a chapter, “Militant Blax: Screening Revolution”, for a Wiley-Blackwell volume on African American film. I am also looking forward, analysing the problems confronting black cultural producers in the contexts of neo-liberal and/or “disaster capitalism”, the post-2008 meltdown, and the possibility of a “post-racial” society in the age of Obama. As part of this research agenda I am contributing a piece, “Black Art in the Age of ‘New Jim Crow’: Delimiting the Scope of Racial Justice and Film Production since Rodney King” for a collection to be published by Ashgate on the African American experience since 1992. 

This research is a continuation and development of work already published.