Walking to Work no.3


Walking to Work no.3 is a networked installation by Jen Southern & Chris Speed and was produced on site at the Networked Urban Mobilities and Mobile Art conference, the 10th Anniversary conference of the Cosmobilities Network.

Walking to Work is an invitation to collaboratively investigate what it feels like to oversee people’s movements and share information about ones own movements. The Comob Net iPhone app (available for download) allows you to share movements and messages as they take place in Copenhagen and at the Cosmobilities conference. In doing so, the collective userbase of the app can see where each other are moving and share messages about where they have been, where they are going, what they are seeing, doing or thinking about, and what is going on around them.

All movements and messages are projected onto a silhouette of the harbour of Copenhagen. The projections of movement create a space between information-sharing, transparency and surveillance. A space of relationships, where movements and communications are shared voluntarily. This both enables the viewers to speculate and analyse the movements and survey where people have been, where they are and where they might be going.

You are invited to inform the ongoing research project by annotating the projections. What are people doing? What can be learned in real time about their movements and relationships? What can be learned about overlooking strange and familiar movements? What does a relationship based on information about a stranger feel like? What does it feel like to oversee the information we share about our movements?