Researching Women in Sound in a Box Website Launch






The Women in Sound Women on Sound organisation will be launching both the Research in a Box project funded by Lancaster University and our new website on September 7th 2017. 

Research in a Box’ is a loanable kit aimed at GCSE or A‑Level school students that fits in with the appropriate curriculum and at the same time showcases resources used by researchers. The aim is to inspire the next generation of researchers and to aid in the transition of pupils from school to University.

The RIB box developed by WISWOS is called Researching Women in Sound in a Box.

The loanable box contains a series of toolkits for would be noise makers to construct their own instrument, CD’s of women composers and publications by female academics on sound and music technology, as well as open access live coding software to install on most operating systems. 

The online tutorials feature women makers and composers presenting tutorial videos on instrument building — learning how to construct the noise maker in the box, the history of women in music technology, sound engineering, and an introduction to Sonic Pi the live coding application in the box.

The online space also features interactive research spaces to explore the contribution of women authors to the fields of sound, music technology, audio arts, acoustics, music history, audio cultures, plus much more. 

The physical boxes are available to rent from Lancaster University 

Linda O Keeffe & Rebecca Collins