Impermanent Durations; On Painting and Time

Beth Harland (UK) | Laura Lisbon (US) | David Thomas (AU) | Ian Woo (SG)

Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University. 16th October — 10th November 2017

Impermanent Durations: On Painting and Time is an experimental exhibition and collaborative project by four contemporary painters. The artists will work together in the gallery, responding to the space and reacting to each other to create an immersive installation.

This is the third staging of the project following presentations in Australia and Singapore. Each iteration investigates the relationship between the pictorial and spatial qualities of painting within architectural space. Working in a range of materials and media Impermanent Durations deals with transience and how painting can offer a site-sensitive experience of time.

Join us to open the exhibition on 13 October with a Panel Discussion from 4pm, and evening event from 5.30pm celebrating the publication of a special issue of the Journal of Contemporary Painting.